Solar Savings Calculator

This calculator is designed to help you estimate your savings and return on investment when deciding to purchase solar. The main varying factor is how much of the solar energy you will use during the day and how much will go back into the grid. With a premium product at the right price even if your daytime usage is relatively low, your savings can still be very attractive and offer a great return. Most of our residential clients that aren’t home much during the day find they can adapt their energy consumption to achieve 50% usage and upwards, if you choose to install batteries then you can achieve 80 – 100% usage of solar energy as this will be offsetting night time usage also. With commercial clients even without batteries the solar consumption is typically between 80 & 100%.


Enter your system details, price of power per kWh & feed in tariff. If you don’t know the price of the system we recommend you use $1000 per kW installed or $1/w as an estimate. Top of the range systems are likely to cost more and more entry level systems will be less but this is a simple formula if you haven’t yet received your quote. 

Solar System Price Examples

  • 6.5kW: $6,500.00
  • 10kW: $10,000.00
  • 30kW: $30,000.00
  • 100kW: $100,000.00

If you are unsure of your price of power and feed in tariff you can use the default figures below as an estimate.

System Price after Rebate ($) System Size (kW) Price of power - Peak per kWh ($) Feed In Tarrif ($)

Your Systems Daily Production

Average Daily Production of Solar System (kWh)

Your Solar usage

Enter the percentage of the solar production you think you will use during the day and from your batteries at night (if applicable). You can change this figure to see how your savings differ depending on when you use your power. The more of the solar energy you are likely to use, the greater your savings will be.

Usage percentage of solar production (%)


Used power during the day and from batteries (kWh) Feed in Excess power Per Day (kWh) Feed in Savings Per Day ($) Usage Savings Per Day ($)
Total Daily Savings ($) Total Monthly Savings ($) Total Quarterly Savings ($)


Total Annual Savings ($) ROI In Years ROI % per annum

This calculator assumes the price of power is going to stay the same. In reality this is unlikely with ever increasing energy prices. As the price of power increases your system is effectively saving you more and improving your return on investment.


If you choose to finance the system, quite often your savings are greater than the repayments leaving you in front from day one.

Loan Amount
Interest rate % per annum
Number of Years
Payment Frequency
Payment monthly consisting of payments
Monthly Repayments:
No of payments
Estimated monthly solar savings
Cash flow difference