Sonnen is a premium battery solution born from German Engineering and made here in Australia.

One of the most popular battery solutions in Europe this product is one of the most flexible scaleable solutions on the market (up to 45kWh of storage). With market leading lifecycles from the battery. The lithium iron phosphate technology in the batteries are providing increased safety and sustainability with zero toxic heavy metals.

Are Sonnen good batteries?

Yes, Sonnen is generally regarded as a reputable brand of home batteries. They are known for their innovative battery technology and integration with renewable energy systems.

One notable feature of Sonnen home batteries is their intelligent energy management system. They incorporate advanced software and smart technology to optimise energy usage and maximize self-consumption of renewable energy. This means that the battery can automatically adjust energy flows and prioritize self-generated power over grid energy, helping to reduce reliance on the grid and save on electricity costs.

Sonnen batteries have received positive reviews for their performance, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces. However, as with any home battery system, it’s important to consider factors such as the specific energy needs of your household, installation requirements, and available support in your region. You can consult with one of our qualified installers to help you determine if Sonnen home batteries are a suitable choice for your specific needs.


  • 10 years warranty