SMA – Inverter


SMA are a highly respected inverter manufacturer with German heritage and headquarters. The previously German manufactured product was widely regarded as the best inverter on the market but since SMA moved manufacturing to China the brand has lost its elite position here in Australia with Fronius now filling that spot.

Are SMA good solar inverters?

Yes. SMA inverters are a quality solar inverter manufacturer. A German company founded in 1981, the longevity of the brand is reflected in the reliability of the inverters. Especially the fully German-made ones made prior to 2017. Since 2017 SMA commenced manufacturing in China and quality control may have been compromised. Up until 2017 and for the first SMA was the most popular solar inverter in Australia.

SMA inverters are known for their advanced technology, such as their OptiTrac Global Peak system, which optimizes energy output by continuously searching for the highest power point of the PV array, even in partially shaded or low-light conditions. Additionally, SMA inverters have a high efficiency rating and are compatible with a variety of solar panel types and system configurations.


  • Single and three-phase options

  • Commercial and residential

  • WIFI monitoring via Sunnyportal

  • High efficiency ratings, with some models achieving up to 99% efficiency

  • OptiTrac Global Peak technology to maximize energy production even in partially shaded or low-light conditions

  • Multiple MPPT inputs to allow for flexibility in system design and optimization

  • Advanced safety features, including arc fault protection and integrated DC disconnect switch


  • 5 years standard, 10 years (providing the product is registered)


  • Long-standing, reputable German company

  • Well-supported and reasonably reliable


  • Expensive for an inverter that is now partially manufactured in China

  • Limited hybrid battery solutions

  • Not as reliable as the original fully German made range