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Q Cells are one of our favourite panel manufacturers, as their ethos for quality and value aligns perfectly with ours.

Are Q Cells good solar panels?

Q Cells are pioneers in the solar industry, with over 200 scientists and engineers in the German HQ.


This world record-achieving cell and module manufacturer is synonymous with high performance, build quality and reliability.



  • German engineered, with manufacturing in South Korea
  • Q Cells Australia has been established since 2009, the longest established major manufacturer of solar panels in the country
  • Made for Australian conditions
  • Tested at James Cook University in Townsville, and proven to withstand a 1-in-500-year cyclonic storm
  • Consistent top performer at Desert Knowledge, the government funded solar testing facility in Alice Springs
  • Sound presence within Australia for warranty and support
  • Up to 25 year product and performance warranty
  • Pioneers in R&D and cutting-edge technological advancements
  • Quantum DUO cell technology
  • Hot Spot Protect – essential for safety and reliability
  • Anti-PID technology
  • Tra.Q tracking code on each panel to protect against counterfeiting
  • Part of Hanwha Group, a global Fortune 500 Company established in 1952 with over 55billion USD in total revenue, and over 159billion USD in total assets.
  • VDE tested (higher than industry standard European testing)
  • IQ.Tested – 2 to 3 times more vigorous than international testing standard, Q Cells ensure every module is defect-free


  • 25 year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty