Named as the Most Trusted Solar Panel brand in Australia in 2020, LG are a respected premium brand with high-performing, modern-looking panels. Unfortunately LG decided to exit the Solar Module market in 2022.

Are LG good solar panels?

LG offers high quality, high-performing solar panels, designed to last for decades and show you a significant return on your investment. 

Installed and tested in some of the harshest Australian conditions, LG offers their LG NeON® range for residential solar systems, as well as a dedicated commercial panel range.

All LG panels come with a 25 year product replacement and performance warranty, backed by LG Electronics – the largest consumer solar brand in Australia.

LG’s black panels with black cells, frames and backsheet are a popular choice for a sleek, modern look.


  • No longer manufacturing solar panles but still honoring warranties
  • 25 year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty
  • State-of-the-art testing laboratories
  • Weather-tested to prevent material fatigue in extreme conditions, hail and strong winds
  • Tested for maximum output, with  individual parts such as wafers, ethylene vinyl acetate film (EVA), glass and backing film subject to stringent tests
  • LG solar panels were voted Most Trusted Brand 2020 by Reader’s Digest, by a survey of over 3,000 Australian customers
  • Recent improvements have led to longer warranties and higher efficiency, as well as stronger frames and better wind loading


  • 25 year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty