Enphase – Inverter


Enphase are the leading micro inverters in Australia. The most expensive inverter solution but fantastic for complicated panel layouts, shade management and safety. We have not seen improved performance when compared with Fronius but you may be willing to pay more for the panel level monitoring or to maximise your roof space when you have a complicated design such as just a few panels facing in a different direction.

Are Enphase good solar inverters?

Yes, Enphase are regarded a premium microinverter solution.

The number one microinverter brand on the market, Enphase provides excellent flexibility in panel layout designs due to one inverter being installed per panel. Essentially this product is a well-engineered and supported product that is ideal if you have a very complicated roof structure to work with and insist on panel-level monitoring. A high-end solution that carries a premium price tag but in certain applications, Enphase is the ideal solution.


  • Envoy device provides panel-level monitoring displayed on the enlighten platform
  • By design manages shade exceptionally well
  • Industry-leading safety
  • AC-coupled battery options


  • 25 years on microinverters
  • 5 years on communication devices such as the Envoy

Enphase Background

Enphase Energy is a California-based company that was founded in 2006. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing micro-inverters and energy management systems for residential and commercial solar installations.

Enphase is known for its pioneering work in the field of micro-inverters, which are small inverters that are installed on each individual solar panel in a system, rather than a single, large inverter for the entire system. This approach allows for greater energy production and system efficiency, as well as improved system monitoring and maintenance.

Enphase has grown rapidly since its founding and has expanded into multiple international markets, including Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company has won several awards for its technology and innovation, including the 2019 Solar+Power Award for its Enphase Ensemble energy management system.

Today, Enphase is one of the leading manufacturers of micro-inverters and energy management systems in the solar industry, with a focus on providing reliable, high-quality products and services to its customers.

Pros of Enphase microinverters:

  • Improved energy production: Enphase microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently, which can lead to improved energy production compared to string inverters that can be affected by shading or panel mismatch.

  • Easy monitoring: Enphase microinverters have built-in monitoring, which makes it easy to track the performance of each individual panel in the system. This can help detect issues early and improve system maintenance.

  • Safety: Enphase microinverters operate at low voltage, which can improve safety for installers and maintenance personnel compared to string inverters that operate at high voltage.

Cons of Enphase microinverters:

  • Heat: Having the inverters directly under the solar panels where the tempetature can get very high can cause issues long term with performance and reliability.

  • Cost: Enphase microinverters are typically more expensive than string inverters, which can increase the overall cost of a solar system.

  • Compatibility: Enphase microinverters are designed to work with specific solar panel brands and models, which can limit the flexibility of the system compared to string inverters that can work with a wider range of panels.

  • Durability: Enphase microinverters are generally considered to be durable, but they may be more prone to failure than string inverters due to their smaller size and complexity.

  • More failure points: having as many inverters as panels means there is much more points of potential failure and electrical connections.