Electric Vehicle

Commercial EV Charging

Attract clients and make residual income

We have options to install EV charging solutions for free (subject to availability), and we profit share on the charging fees.

Alternatively, you can purchase the chargers outright and achieve an exceptional ROI and residual income and receive the full retail on the charging at 60c/kWh.

Earn up to


per kWh

Charging stations for your business

Put your business on the map with public EV charging station

Tap into a growing community of electric vehicle owners and generate income every time someone plugs in. Adding EV charging stations is very simple and cost-effective and offers exceptional returns.

Invest In EV
Chargers Today

Offering EV charging at your business shows employees you value sustainability, improve retention, and attracts top talent.

Be a renewable leader

Establish yourself as a forward thinking, proactive business with strong environmental commitments.

Attract Clients

Attract new customers and encourage them to spend more time at your business. The EV comminuty is growing and having your very own charging stations is an opporunity to tap into this dynamic market.

Make residual income

Every time a client plugs in, you make profit. EV charging stations have ROI of up to 40% per annum. That’s on top of extra revenue from attracting new clients.

Install for free

With limited avaialability and depening on your location we could install your EV charging solution for free. We would then profit share on charging fee’s so we get paid. You can still potentially cover costs of electricity whilst attracting clients to your business.

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Experienced EV charging Experts

Our team of professional consultants and installers have the experience to deliver sound advice and tailor the best fit solution to your needs. You can start small with one station or maximise your benefits with multiple units.

Complete Solutions.

Energy Experts.

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Choosing a platinum-rated supplier like Adapt Energy will ensure your solar system pays for itself over and over again, with no issues to worry about. 

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