Commercial Solar

Typically no up front costs
Reduce your overheads and increase your profit
Secure up front Government Rebates (STC’s) valued from $4,000 – $70,000
Ongoing Government Rebates (LGC’s) with value potential of over $1,000,000

Traditionally “going green” has been a decision that involves some form of financial sacrifice in order to reduce our carbon footprint and eventually reduce our costs. This is not an easy decision to make in our competitive World of business and in some cases simply not viable or even possible. With Government rebates in place, improvements in technology & our commitment to premium products at affordable prices here at Adapt Energy we can show you how to invest in solar power without any financial burden whatsoever. Our clients often achieve a cash flow positive outcome and save on energy costs immediately.  This is achieved through our lease to own options, structured in this way so our clients have little risk and the investment becomes 100% tax deductible. Simply redirect “dead money” currently going into your power companies back pocket to invest in solar energy protecting yourself against energy price rises and giving yourself another edge over competition.

Some of our clients, usually larger scale projects, gear the solar investment negatively. This allows greater tax deductions with the end result being the same, once broken even a large asset producing free power and renewable energy becomes another paragraph in the companies success story.

If you choose to invest capital into solar you can potentially achieve a Return on Investment of up to 20-30% per annum. Once you have broken even after 3-4 years your own renewable energy station will provide you with clean, free power from the Sun for many years to come. Adding asset value to the business & increasing profit, all whilst improving your companies green credentials. On a wider scale, making the switch to solar energy helps reduce our global dependency on fossil fuels and improves environmental sustainability for future generations.

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